This isn’t just a catchy slogan, we are quite literally more than just another standard accommodation. We wanted to create somewhere special, something that felt like it was always meant to be there, from the design of our cafe being tucked onto the cliffs (coming soon!), to the way we have joined our little beach to the rest of the community with a purpose built boardwalk, to bringing it all back to what bought us here in the first place, the ocean, with the Pontoon (coming soon!).

Beyond these core developments, we wanted to create an experience that helped bring people together & back to nature, to the ocean. So we bought a boat to make it easier to get you out to the local breaks, or to your favourite snorkelling/spearfishing spot in a flash. We found a yoga teacher that could not only untangle your tight AF muscles, but also make you laugh & help your to chill. We bought paddle boards because, well f*ck, who doesn’t love a a paddle in paradise. And the best part is that we are only just hitting out stride, things are about to get even better.


We started surfing in Nusa Lembongan 10 years ago and fell in love with the island culture & epic surf breaks. Ranging from mellow waves at Playgrounds, to fast & fun barrels at Shipwrecks, the island has breaks for all levels.

Playground is a super mellow reef break, that’s just a short paddle from Song Lambung beach and right out the front of our Beach House. Although it can get pretty shallow at times, its still a perfect place for first time reef surfers on smaller days.

If you're a beginner or want to ease into things, this is the perfect wave for you.

Located a solid paddle to the left of Playgrounds, you find Lacerations, a super fun wave for intermediate surfers, with long-running right hand walls & the occasional hollow section. You’ll never have a dull moment on this wave.

Worried about the paddle? If you stay with us at the Beach House, you’ll be treated to private transport out to this break from either the Pontoon or the beach. Yewwww!

Getting its name from the rusty ship that sits on the exposed reef, this right hander, serves up high and tight barrels depending on the tide & will leave you wanting more even with the crazy currents pulling you all over the place.

Want to avoid the mammoth paddle out and the razor sharp metal spikes left over from the seaweed farmers, stay with us at the Beach House & enjoy private transfers out to the break!

Building a better community

The cliff-front is the hub of commnuity on this part of the island - a spot to watch the waves, check out the surfers, meet with friends or get in your daily run.

So we wanted to give back to this island community by building stunning new boardwalk, that's open to the public and ready for you right now. We've got big plans for the future of the boardwalk, which we'll share more about soon but we'd love you to come check it out and enjoy it for yourself.

Living here on Lembongan for the years, we've curated our top picks of people & businesses to make your Nusa Lembongan experience even more magical.

Komo Surf Lessons

Our favourite surf instructor on the island, with lessons for beginners to advanced for only 400k

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Coconut Hut

Mini golf, epic food, and a bar with sick beats. The perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends or the family.

Coconut Hut Instagram
Kai Koa Private Charter

Private boat charters from Sanur to Lembongan for only 3mill per boat one way (up to 6 people).

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Twin Island dive

You're in good hands with Kipp and the whole team, with years of experience and PADI 5-star certification.

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